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Choose a DVR for home video surveillance is not difficult, because modern models are universal devices that allow you to connect both analog and digital video cameras. In addition, almost all models can directly connect to the Internet through the appropriate connector. Of course, if there is no wired Internet in an apartment or house, you will need to purchase a WI-Fi router.

The DVR is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Number of video channels
  • Number of audio channels
  • Recording speed

Storage capacity

The number of video channels corresponds to the number of connected cameras. DVRs are available in 4, 8, or 16 inputs. The number of audio channels determines the possibility of connecting microphones and listening to rooms. The recording speed affects the picture quality. This parameter corresponding to the real-time mode is 25 frames per second. The good at cctv Singapore services offer such options now.

In home video surveillance systems, you can use recorders at a speed of 12.5 k / s. As a storage device, a removable hard disk is usually used, the capacity of which can vary depending on the type and cost of the model.

For the house will be sufficient capacity of 500 GB. When choosing a DVR, you should pay attention to the presence and number of alarm inputs and outputs, as well as, most importantly, the presence of the “LAN” port for access to the Internet.

Usually, video cameras are supplied with a constant voltage of 12 V from a separate power source. If you plan to install 4 cameras with a current consumption of 120 mA each, then the total current will be 480 mA. In home video surveillance, there are no long loops, so the resistance of the wires can be ignored. Taking into account the current reserve, a 12 V and 0.7 A power supply unit is required. Modern units have an additional battery that allows the video surveillance system to remain operative in case of mains voltage failure.

Installation of CCTV

The type of cable that will be used in the installation works is determined by the principle of the video surveillance system. Analog video cameras are characterized by good reliability and low cost, so they are often used at home. Installation of video surveillance with such cameras is best performed with the help that is issued, both for internal (index B) and for outdoor (index II) works. The cable of this type is convenient in that it contains a coaxial line of 75 ohm for video transmission and two conductors for supplying power to the video cameras. For the reliable singapore home improvement this is important.

The video cameras are equipped with a swivel bracket, which is fixed firmly on the wall and allows you to select the camera’s viewing angle with great accuracy, therefore, choosing the place for camera installation, you should focus on the minimum length of connecting wires and the ability to hide all lines.

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