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Lofts are known for being bright, uncluttered, and modern spaces. Here are ways to get a loft feel in any space, whether it’s a traditional loft or not. This article was supplied by so please take a moment to visit their site and see how great a loft conversion looks!

Even if an apartment, condo, or house isn’t actually a downtown loft, it’s still possible to outfit a big or small living space to feel sleek, urban, and full of modern design. These are ideas for loft-style home accessories.

Open-sided Bookshelves

A classic loft accessory that contributes to the open feel of the space is open-sided or backless bookcases. In an apartment that has no or little definition between living, eating, cooking, or sleeping areas, use a see-through bookshelf (cube shelves are especially modern) to act as a room divider.

Don’t fill the shelves completely; instead, break up a row of books with a vase, clock, pitcher, or other small accessory.

If buying a new piece of furniture isn’t in the redecorating budget, try an old dorm room trick: use cement blocks or bricks with planks of wood to create an industrial-style bookshelf.

Oversized Art Pieces

A characteristic that many lofts share are very high ceilings, so there is plenty of wall space to be utilized. If an apartment or condo has high ceilings, an oversized graphic art piece may be a good decorating option. There are plenty of places online to shop for affordable oversized posters or canvas art, including and

If there is little wall space to work with, try some art pieces that maintain clean, modern lines. Look for prints that are wider than they are tall, or opt for a set of three graphic prints that share the same colour scheme.

Repurposed Architectural Pieces

The industrial nature of a downtown loft, with its exposed ductwork and pipes, evokes the feeling of repurposed and recycled living. For some art or furniture pieces that are environmentally-friendly, visit a salvage yard or talk with local designers or builders for tips on where to find old doors and windows.

There are plenty of ways to repurpose old windows and doors: an antique door headboard, a window or door coffeetable. Some beautiful antique pieces could even serve as additional wall art: hang three mismatched windows side by side above a couch, or cover an ornate screen door frame with a coat of fresh paint and hang in a dining area.

Loft-Style Lighting

Modernize a home design with loft-inspired lighting. Try track lighting for work areas like a home office or a kitchen. Styles of track lighting range from funky colourful heads to the more traditional white light heads. Track lighting will probably not work for homes with very low ceilings.

Pendant lighting is another versatile lighting option. These fixtures, which hang from the ceiling, can easily have a sleek modern design that suits the loft style.

Loft-Style Design Tips

To maintain the sleek modern feel of a loft space, choose hardware that is white, grey/silver, or black.

Add pops of colour like orange, bright green, or red in graphic artwork or in accessories like throw pillows.

Keep knickknacks to a minimum: choose a few important or interesting pieces but keep surfaces uncluttered.