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Grease traps should be cleaned out every four to six weeks to avoid getting clogged up. However, if this is not done it results in clogged drains that can be quite difficult to unclog. Clearing this blockage may take a couple of days depending on the how much the buildup has extended into the water drainage pipes. When looking to unclog a grease trap it is important to ensure that you follow the right procedure while using the recommended tools to ensure that the fats, oil and grease build up is completely cleared.

Wear the Right Clothing

Clearing a clogged drain is no easy task. It is important to have the right attire since you will be dealing with unappealing odors. Additionally, you will most likely get the fats and grease and oil build up in the grease trap on your clothes. So unless you want to throw away your clothes afterwards, be sure to find coveralls and gloves as well. You can also have a face mask and goggles to protect your face while unclogging the grease trap drain pipes


Depending on the design of the grease trap, you might need a spanner or a crowbar to get it open. Additionally, you will need to have a powerful wet and dry shop vacuum and a scrapper as well. Find a pail to pour the fats, oil and grease residue removed from the grease trap.


Open up the grease trap and begin the process of clearing everything collected in it. First use a jug to fetch the residue at the top and pour it into the pail. Once you get to the thick oil residue use the wet and dry shop vacuum to suck it out of the grease trap. Any remaining grease and fats around the grease trap can be scrapped off using the scrapping tool. Note that the drain pipes may be blocked and should also be unclogged. You can use the vacuum to suck out the buildup
Since unclogging a grease trap can be quite demanding, it is usually best to call in a plumber to get it done the right way. If you are in Ireland, check out blockbuster drain cleaning in Dublin. Their service is excellent.
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