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Rattan furniture is a stylish and sophisticated furniture style that is great for outdoor garden use, patio or conservatory use. Available in a huge variety of styles from traditional through to the latest contemporary styles and fashions there is something for everyone’s taste when it comes to rattan furniture. Chairs, sofas, glass topped tables and benches are all available in rattan in all shapes and sizes. See here to see how good rattan furniture looks: .

Rattan is a vine growing in tropical climes and has long been used by craftsmen for furniture construction due to its hard wearing, durable nature, availability and workability. Traditional rattan furniture is often framed using other local materials such as teak hardwood for a completely organic natural product. Natural rattan furniture will often last as long as 25 years and requires little maintenance making it ideal for household and outdoor use. Rattan should not be confused with wicker. Rattan is the material and wicker is the process of crafting. Wicker can be produced using rattan, reeds, bamboo or even materials such as sea grass.

Whilst rattan is great in warm tropical climates it does not perform quite so well in wetter climates. This is mainly due to the fact that being organic material it can be susceptible to mould when allowed to get damp or wet for long periods. With this in mind, when purchasing natural rattan furniture consider how you are going to use it. For rattan conservatory furniture natural rattan is great, an ideal material.

For outdoor use in wetter climes, not so great unless you have storage space and covers. If you blessed with a warm, dry climate similar to areas where natural rattan flourishes then natural rattan furniture can be used indoors and outdoors without worry.

If you love the look of rattan furniture and live in a wetter climate but need outdoor furniture for summer periods then don’t be put off natural rattans tendency to potentially cause problems. It is now possible to get man made rattan or poly-rattan furniture that can be used in all climates and all situations. Poly-rattan isn’t quite as environmentally sound as natural rattan but being man made a lot of styles can be achieved with man-made materials making poly-rattan furniture an interesting choice. Being part polyester the furniture is durable, hard wearing and not subject to problems with mould associated with natural materials. Poly-rattan furniture is often durably constructed with aluminium frames making the furniture light and corrosion free.

Whatever climate you live in rattan garden furniture is always a great choice for enjoying the outdoors on balmy sunny days and is guaranteed to give great, satisfying performance over many years.